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Scionse sunless solutions are formulated specifically for professional use. 

We use only premium ingredients from reliable and conscientious sources. We manufacture small batches on demand to ensure fresh product, and can custom formulate to your specifications.  Private label solutions are also available.

Scionse Caramel is our premium sunless tanning solution and was developed entirely based on client input.  Our objective was to develop a sunless product that not only produced a natural “true” color, but also fulfilled client requests that were not being satisfied with established products.  Our Holistic Sensory Approach assigned equal weight to the sensory parameters of aesthetics/appearance, skin feel/texture, and scent.  The resultant formula is a synergistic blend of ingredients carefully selected to provide a natural-looking, residue-free, non-scented, paraben-free tanning experience. 


Features & Benefits


Non-Sticky  – “Clean” feeling.  No sticky residue after application.

Fragrance Free  – Formulation is odor-free, so no fragrance mask is  needed.

Skin Nourishing – Hand-processed Aloe Vera soothes and moisturizes while relaxing the pores.  

Responsible  – Ingredients include: EcoCert  DHA, and Certified Organic Aloe Barbadensis

Paraben Free




Scionse Caramel is available in a Medium  (8.8% DHA), Dark (11.0% DHA), and a Deep Dark (12.5%) solution.


Application Equipment


Scionse Caramel is formulated with an organic emulsifying system that evenly penetrates the skin to ensure uniform coverage.  It can be used in any spray system (e.g. booth, airbrush, HVLP, LVLP).  

Scionse Caramel

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