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Scionse Caramel

Holistic Sensory Approach – Validation of Customer Feedback used as Formulation Criteria


Sensory Element 1: Appearance / Aesthetics —Caramel Color


Scionse Caramel presents as a natural caramel color immediately, making this the ideal solution for those that desire an immediate or same day transformation. The active ingredient (DHA) will continue to develop over an 8-12 hour period. Color will last between 5-10 days, depending on aftercare regimen. Uniform color will last at least 5-7 days with normal activity and minimal aftercare. Duration can be extended to 10 days or more with regular moisturizing.



Sensory Element 2: Skin Feel —Moisturizing, Non-sticky, Non-irritating


No harsh drying alcohols are used in our solution. Alcohols are often used in tanning solutions to help solubilize the ingredients. Unfortunately, alcohol has a drying effect on skin and may irritate certain skin types. Further, it can impact the shelf life of the solution. Instead, Blue Valley Caramel uses a synergistic blend of skin soothing ingredients that nourish the skin while promoting color quality and duration.


An organic carrier (non-alcohol) hydrates the skin on contact as the Aloe Vera relaxes the pores. The emulsifying system then penetrates the lipids in the adipose layer, priming it to readily accept the active tanning ingredients. The DHA and bronzers can now penetrate easily into the top layer of skin resulting in a uniform and longer lasting tan.


The Aloe Vera has a dual role in this formulation. In addition to relaxing the pores to allow for a deeper and more uniform color, it has a secondary benefit of nourishing and soothing the skin. Blue Valley Caramel uses hand processed Aloe Barbadensis that is Certified Pure by the IASC (International Aloe Science Council), and certified organic by NOP USDA EU No. 2092/21. This Pure Aloe Certification guarantees the absence of fillers and adulterants sometimes uses in lower quality materials. Lastly, and equally important, this carefully formulated blend of ingredients provides a solution that is non-sticky. The solution is readily absorbed in the skin with no uncomfortable tacky residue.


Sensory Element 3: Scent — Odor-Free and Fragrance-Free


Scionse Caramel is fragrance-free. Our research has shown that the choice of fragrance is a personal preference and is typically added to mask the often unpleasant odor of the tanning formulation. The other issue with fragrances is that most have an alcohol base which will dry skin and may even cause irritation on certain skin types. Instead, our approach has been to carefully select and combine the ingredients of Blue Valley Caramel such that a masking fragrance is unnecessary. Most clients have reported no noticeable odor. Clients that do detect a slight odor from their application report that it dissipated within an hour.

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